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The Ethereal Dragon Legion is an EverQuest guild on the Drinal(Tarew-Marr) server.

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EDL is like peanut M&Ms... we may look all candy coated... but on the inside we're really nuts.

- Darknyss


Teyterror, Mar 19, 14 3:11 AM.
Haven't logged on to here in like 5 years, lol.

EDL raid loot rules

painebringerx, Jan 25, 09 10:58 PM.
We had some confusion on loots on our last raid in anguish to try and clarify that some i am putting this here.
1) When in Anguish you are allowed 1 item 1 aug and 1 globe of discordant energy per raid. When anywhere else same rules apply except no globe of course.
2) You must have a link of your 1.5 when going in on globe sent with tell to officer running loot for that item
3) You may only go in on 1 loot per raid mob killed
4) Please dont be greedy lets share the loots this is to help improve guild as a whole not trying to make 1 person uber
5) Ninja looters will be booted from raid and possibly the guild that will not be tolerated at all
6) we all follow these rules we will have a lot of fun raiding and improve guild so we can move on to better things

Thanks for your time reading this.

Grats EDL on another Anguish win.

Philleon1, Jan 24, 09 10:29 PM.
Keldovan, Ture, and Hanvar all fell giving us another orb and some good loots.  Grats all, and keep up the good work!!
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